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I am having a major problem with Acronis - it keeps filling my appdata/local/temp directory with DemonData.swapFile.data~ files (about 250MB each) until the Hard drive is full. I have uininstalled and reinstalled Acronis, and the backup is working fine according to the Log, but still the DemonData swapfiles keep on coming (one every 2 minutes)! I googled "DemonData" and it seems I am not alone with the problem, but amazingly if you search the Knowledge Base for DemonData, you get nothing! Anybody have a solution?

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 Hello all,

Thank you for contacting us.


These files should be deleted after the backup operation completion. It looks like that something locks the files.

Are you able to remove the files by means of Windows Explorer?

Also, to help us to find the exact reason please do  the following:

Please download Process Explorer from Sysinternals, launch the utility -> Find -> Find Handle or DLL -> enter the file name -> Search 

The utility should show the process that prevents the file from deletion. 

Please let us know the results. 

Thank you.


Oleg Lee

Acronis QA Team