33999: Acronis does not find hard drives

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F. Petri
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Latest trial version (from bootable media) does not recognize my hard drives. The error code is


I have a ATX Fujitsu D3128-B S2011 C602 and use RAID 1

Any suggestions? N.B. Acronis 2013 beta detects the drive

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This is not uncommon as there are a small number of chipsets and/or controllers which are not recognized in the boot environment. It sounds like you are using the most current build 2012_7133.

The quick fix would be to use ATI with the Plus Pack option to build a WinPE boot disk which contains your storage controllers drivers.

Another possible solution is to purchase the product and open a case with support. It is sometimes possible for a updated boot CD to be provided which supports your hardware.

Since 2013 beta does detect your controller and disks, it's probably safe to say that support for your hardware is already included in the next version of ATIH.


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