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Not sure if I have the correct forum, but...

I understand that Acronis created EZ-GIG software as an OEM product for Apricorn? As this is no longer available, and does not seem to work with EFI/UEFI BIOS', I'd like to acquire backup software that is similar to this. Specifically:

  • The ability to restore to partitions of a different size.
  • Backup/Restore is performed independent of the main operating system (via CD or boot thumb).
  • Supports numerous drive formats (FAT32/NTFS/EXT2/4, etc).

Do any of your Home Products support these features? Also if Apricorn was developed by Acronis, is the *.TIB format still supported?

Thanks in advance...

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I haven't heard of EZ-GIG before, but I assume (big assumption) that it is probably based on TIH 2009 (if your copy is older than 2008 then this is obviously a wrong assumption), in which case TIH 2012 will do everything you've specified above (and more) and it will recognise the tib files.

It might not recongise any schedules or tasks that you may already have though, and it would be a good idea to remake these anyhow due to the differences between TIH 2009 and the current series of 2011/2012.

If you purchase the upgrade version of TIH 2012, you will need to have EZ-GIG installed before installing TIH as the serial number that you need for EZ-GIG is embedded in the program. A full version of TIH obviously won't require EZ-GIG to be installed.

You might want to check with Acronis if there are any known problems of installing 2012 over the top of EZ-GIG.

Make sure you make a complete disk image before installing 2012 and make sure that you have a working copy of the EZ-GIG recovery CD to hand just in case.

Although EZ_GIG uses the True Image engine, Apricorn may have added or restricted parts of it.