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MigrateEasy Demo - No Boot

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Hi. I'm demoing ME as I will have to upgrade the HDs in all my 4 PCs either from HDs to SSDs, or from existing SSDs to larger ones so I want to buy it IF it works. I did my testing with my main system:

i7 2600K, 16GB RAM, a 64GB SSD for Boot and another 64GB SSD for Data, Win7 Home Premium 64.

The plan is to have the i7 with a 128GB SSD for Boot and the other two 64GB SSDs for Data.

I installed the new 128GB SSD and used ME to set it up as a Primary. The system recognized it just fine and allocated it as drive F:. I didn't do anything more, so I didn't clone the C: yet therefore the 128GB has 0 bytes on it. Everything seems to be ok, but now I reboot and can't get past the monitor splash screen. Instead of booting to Win7 i just get a top left flashing DOS rectangular cursor. Retried several times, no avail. Got into the BIOS and made sure that the original 64GB SSD is set up as primary boot (it was), and still no difference. Tried a lot of other things, still nothing. The only way I was able to get it to boot was to completely disconnect the 128GB SSD. Then it booted perfectly and that's how I'm operating right now.

... and that's why I'm STUCK! Any assistance would be definitely appreciated!

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Probably ME has marked the drive as active, bootable and altered Windows registry to this effect, the BIOS may also be having difficulty wondering which drive to pass the booting info to.

As Windows can't boot if it finds two drives marked as C:\ and active, you are possibly seeing the results of a Windows conflict. Remove the new drive and the old drive should boot normally.