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Windows 7 Image convert into a new virtuel maschine. VM does not start 0xc0000225

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Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Managment Server (Build 10.0.11345)
Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent (Build 10.0.11345)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
VmWare Worksation 7.0.0 build-203739


i am testing your new version in my network. I created a full image of my windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) system and after this i was trying to convert my image in a new virtuell maschine. If i start the virtuell maschine in my VmWare Workstation i get the error 0xc0000225.

It this a error only with VmWare?

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Hi Dennis,

Did you try restoring the image to the VM using Universal Restore. Personally I prefer restoring rather than converting. You can simply boot the new VM with the ISO bootmedia and restore the image using UR

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Hello Dennis and Mark!

Thank you for finding time to open this thread and for your comments. I have carefully reviewed the information you have specified and I'm glad to notify you that we have a solution for this problem!

When restoring or converting (this processes are similar in algorythm) Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 system as a new virtual machine via Virtual Appliance, the automatically selected SCSI controller is LSI Logic Parallel, while the default one is LSI Logic SAS. This makes system unbootable. In order to resolve the issue please after restiration manually change the controller type in the settings of the virtual machine from LSI Logic Parallel to LSI Logic SAS.

I would advise you to check this article for more details. Don't get confused that it mentions Windows 2008 Server OS - Windows 7 and 2008 Server has similar acrchitecture, so this is a common issue for both.

I'm positive that this will resolve the problem, but should you face any additional issues - let us know, we will definitely find a solution. Also it would be nice to obtain the following information in case of any technical problems: 

  1. The exact model of the vitrual machine you are restoring/converting the image to.
  2. Recover the machine with Acronis Universal Restore and send us the log of the recovery
  3. Acronis Information from the source machine

Please contact us with the information collected, we will review it and find a proper solution for your particular case.

Should you have any further questions or face any difficulties with gathering the diagnostic information - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you!

Thank you!

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can someone please help with steps that change HDD from IDE to SCSI in vmware workstation ver 7 ?

i have exactly problem, and i think your cause is same too. but I could not find where to change IDE controller to SCSI controller.

a little help would be great!


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forgot to mention that I have backup&recovery 10 advanced workstation with universal restore build 12497