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Recovery from Tape is very slow

Thread needs solution
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i tried a recovery from tape (LTO-5) to a SATA Disk in our Backup Server. We backup one Volume at the backup server - with sinlge pass, that we can restore single files. No i tried to restore 350 MB, many small files, and now the percent view is 106 % and the remaining time sys 506 000 000 years.

Any idea why?


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Hello Patrick
Type is a very slow device.
The time you see is changing all the time. it is calculated as the time you recover files.... if you have a lot of small file it will be long time to recover.
after some time, it will get to larger file, then you will see that the time duration will get lower and lower...

I still cant understand why you are using types ?????? Its too old technology....

Acronis should stop support it and not put it just all the other backup vendors....


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Hello Patrick,

As far as I understand you are trying to recover files from disk backups on tapes, correct?
If yes first make sure you are using latest build (38774) since there were a lot of improvements for tapes.
Also for now recovery of files from disk backups on tape devices is indeed slow. That is caused by the fact that disk backup is just a bunch of blocks on tapes.
And files that consist of these blocks are spanned in different parts of the tape.
There fore we have to spin the tape back and forward to assemble a file or a folder and the tape does not go to streaming mode.

Restoring the disk backup will be much faster since the tape will spin at its steaming speed.

We also have plans to improve file recovery from disk backups on tapes in the future.

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Hi Patrick as others have explained already, restoring individual files from tape is not the ideal due to the speed, if you only need a few files sure it might do the job just fine. As Andrey has mentioned files are stored on tape as they are on your HDD which is often randomly which is tapes weak-point.

What I would suggest doing if you have a staging area large enough, is load the tape you require and perform an EXPORT backup and save a copy of the TIB file from tape onto disk.

This will allow you to very quickly copy/past or restore what ever files you like from the exported archive (from disk). You might be surprised how fast it can recover a full archive from tape to disk and keep due to the sequential access.

Also keep in mind the archive that is recovered will be compressed (by default it is unless you manually disabled compression during your backup), so if your server data to backup is say 500GB you might find the archive being restored might only be around 250GB as an example which will take under 30min if your equipment is capable (eg, LTO-6 recovering to HDD's capable of over 160MB/s write speeds..etc).

All the best and hope this helps...

P.S. I would also suggest trying to always have a local disk backup system in place as your primary recovery point and then using tape as secondary/archive/offsite.