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Looking to upgrade from Echo build 8.072 (with universal restore) to a newer version

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I have used Acronis True Image Workstation (Echo Build 8.072) with Universal Restore in previous jobs. I am looking for something similar to use now (and I want universal restore as part of it). I do not want to use anything that is cloud based or server based though. This version allowed me to boot from the disc and do hardware migrations when a system would go down. Does anyone have any experience with the older version I am talking about and that can recommend a newer version that has the simplicity of this build. I liked using this version, but of course I cannot purchase it now, and I would guess that a newer version might be more compatible with some of the newer architecture out there. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello James,

you need to take a look at Acronis Backup for PC or Acronis Backup Advanced for PC.

Here you can find a comparison table of Acronis Backup products and this article provides you with more information about licensing.

Both suggested products allow using Acronis bootable media and Acronis Universal Restore is also included.

Thank you.