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When a task is not finish "Operations are in progress..." message

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Usually, a task is terminated before the Shutdown message appears. It seems that Acronis True Image has not finished his task. Nonetheless, the "Operations are in progress, please wait..." message appearing through the Shutdown window is confusing us. If you're really needed to shut down Acronis at this level, Acronis True Image should let us know precisely what is doing and who's doing it.

A suggestion, if a task is not finished, and we are shutting down Windows. By holding the program it will keep the state of the backup, continue the job when we are returning to Windows and to the program.

Thank you

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I am 100% sure that /wanted/ behaviour "operations are in progress..." is just a bug.

No one can convince me, that there is a valid reason to delay shut down for more than 3 days.
(After that time i needed that computer so i did press reset.)

Everything that delays shutdown for more than 30min is just a BUG.

Acronis may delay shutdown in order to bring the backup in a stalled state to resume later, or mark it as failed, but that "operations are in progress ..." behaviour is just a bad joke. And really bad for acronis's reputation.

Assume there is a powerfailure and your UPS wants to shutdown your computer savely. Delaying shutdown in that case can cause bad damage.

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I do not have any backup or validation running when I shut down.  You have a valid point about the power outage.

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After almost four years went by, it is kind a rude of me not reacting to this thread; a moment of forgetting.

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