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Dell E5550 Fails to see "computers near me"

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We have a Dell E5550 which has the Intel (R) Ethernet Connection I218-LM network card.
My version of Acronis Snap Deploy is 4 (4.0.540).

I am having a problem where I go PXE boot over the network to our Acronis Server and choose create image, yet the ability to scroll across the network is not available even though all our other laptops have the function to browse "computers near me".

The issue does seem similar to the post below:

If this is the same problem, would using a different build interfere with the ability for my other laptops to connect.

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If you use Linux-based bootable media uploaded to PXE, you can try to upload WinPE-based bootable media instead (the process is described here

If it does not help, then I suggest you to update ASD4 b540 to the latest build of ASD5. After update, you will need to re-upload all ASD components to the PXE. (ASD4 Agents are not compatible with ASD5 server)

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