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Restore previous version of files

Thread needs solution
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I'm using the Acronis software now for a week or so and I can't find any method to restore previous version of files from Acronis Cloud backups.

In the settings, I can set that versions older than 6 months should be deleted, implying that older versions are stored in Acronis Cloud.

When I press "Recover Files" however, I'm sent to the web version of Acronis Cloud (instead of opening something in the desktop application itself). Once logging in to the web version, I can see my backup containing all the files, but I can't find any way to view (and restore) earlier versions from this.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

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I have the same question. How can I restore the specific backup (eg. last month) and the same for files. How can I see the older versions of the file? I'm assuming they are somewhere, but I cant see them from browser or Windows app.


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Me too - setup of the backup allows for multiple versions to be kept, so where can we select which version to restore?

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I have the same question. Isn't this the reason we have multiple backup versions? Is someone from Acronis going to answer this?


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Daniel, welcome to these public User Forums.

What version of Acronis True Image are you using and are you backing up to the Acronis Cloud (as the original poster of this topic was asking about)?