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How to mount anonymous cifs share

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I'm evaluating Acronis Backup for Vmware with OVH dedicated cloud ( ).

I've deployed AcronisAppliance and would like to configure it to save all my backups outside of my vmware environment ; to do that i've purchased a nas and can accede it either by CIFS or NFS anonymously (it's secured by IP restriction).

Here is my problem, when i try to add a storage location with web console, i enter a path like "\\x.y.z.w\nas-00nnn_backup" and after that UI ask me login and password, and I must enter a value to be able to click on "Se connecter". I try to enter a unique space as login but I get a connection error.

Is there any way to configure an anonymous CIFS connection ?

Thanks for your help

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Username/password fields are obligatory and cannot be skipped when accessing CIFS shares by the current product design. You can try specifying "guest" username with empty password to log in (theoretically it may work), but if this doesn't work then the only choice is to set up username/password for the share on your NAS device.

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