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Error Sending notifications

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We are getting an error when users send or request a file. On the server,, message appears "Could not send notification...The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure" No changes has been made to the server and the current cert does not expires until 11/2016. However, when users send a file using the plug-in, no error occurs and the reciepient receives a notification.

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Hi Eliud,

You would usually get the error-message "The remote certificate is invalid according to a validation procedure" when you are attempting to use a secured connection and the server's certificate is self-signed (as opposed to a certificate issued by a certificate authority) or expired (this seems not to be the case) or invalid (e.g. the server name does not match the name on the certificate).

If you would like to use a secure connection you need to make sure that you have a valid SSL certificate installed on the Exchange server. Otherwise you need to revert to unencrypted SMTP. This is governed by the setting: notification_smtp_server_secure= in MassTransit.cfg.