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Is direct download / view for shared links possible?

Thread needs solution
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Hi everybody,

i am back with a new question ;)

We are now offering File Share Services internally and externally, thanks again for the help before which enabled us to start that...

Now we have the situation that an external agency is preparing documentation, advertising stuff etc. for our Sales Department, for that we wanted them to use the Acronis to have "Public Shares" with pictures etc. Donwloading them works fine, but we would like to enable them to have a direct link, showing pictures directly in the prepared documents. Like Dropbox for example offers this:, to see pictures directly in the browser.

Now my question, is Acronis able to do that and if yes, how do i have to "prepare" the download Link? I am fine with the system as is, but you know... customer salways asking for more and more after you are done ;)

Many thanks in advance for any answer, even tho it is negative.

Kind Regards




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Hello Dietmar

Thank you for your posting! I've forwarded your question to our product management and here an update:

We have something that might fit this scenario planned for our Access Advanced 7.5 release. The feature is to add a “View” button to the file download web page that users see when they click on a shared file link. So they would click the shared file link, see the Access web page with “Download” and “View” buttons on it, and if they click “View” they would see the file in our web preview function. That makes it two clicks instead of just seeing it directly from the original URL, but it keeps users from having to download and open in another program.

We’ll see if there is also a way we can have an alternate URL/variable that takes the user directly to the preview of the image, rather than having to click that second time. That might be useful, thank you for your input!


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Hello Ekaterina,

thank you for your reply. It would be great if you could implement that, even tho it wont help us right now.

Thanks for getting back to your product management.

Have a nice day :)

Kind regards