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What exactly are we paying for from 2016 > 2017

Thread needs solution
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What exactly is the differances in functionality between 2016 and 2017?

TI 2016 takes several minutes to shut down until I disable the Sync Agent in services. This has been happening, and is a known issue.

Is it possible to opt out of the Sync Agent?

Is it possible to opt out of the Non Stop Backup?

These services are being forced on it's users and there is no way to disable these services unless they are manually disabled in services. Why get services installed when we don't want them, well at least some don't.

Acronis needs to give its users the option when it get install to add services. Some of us just use bare metal backups, and have no use for the installed bloat. 











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2017 is primarily enhancements and bug fixes for the application at the moment (run missed backup when fastboot is enabled and the system wakes up).  However, there are other updates to the GUI, better NAS support and stability too.  The biggest change I see currently is that the product now also has 1 year technical support where 2016 and earlier were limited to 30 days unless you had a subscription.  

As far as functionality,  the default services are all enabled.  You can turn off un-needed services in computer management.  I myself do this for the new mobile services and nonstop backup as I have no plans to use them and they don't impact teh product.  I believe that the sync service is needed to function correctly, but not sure - I always leave that one running.  

Haven't seen the 2017 documentaiton on the services, but here is the one from 2016:

If you want, you can use/modify these text files by converting them to .bat scripts and running as needed.  These are how I set ther services on my machine, but you can tweak them as you see fit. Comments are included.  Anthing with a double colon "::" in front of it is commented out in the script so remove those if you want that part to run, or put them in if you don't want a certain part to run.  

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I'm not sure who they are directing that 1 year support to, other than new clients. I've always been able to rectify problems using the forums.

Acronis has gone down the same road as Nero did and they stuffed so much blaot into their software that I quit using it.

As clients we need to be given the option of what services we want to be involved in instead of ATI dictating to use the services they think we need.

I won't be updating now or in the future until things change. I'm even seriously considering going back to 2012 version of ATI brefore they stuck all that extra bloat into it.

I'm not the only one that doesn't like the direction ATI has gone.


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I upgraded TI2014 to TI2016 for my new Windows 10 Laptop and was extremely disappointed with it.  It hasn't got many of the items available in TI2014 (the log file being one) and I find it very complicated to use when trying to open all my available backups and delete certain ones.  TI 2017 seems to be of the same ilk.  I only upgraded to TI2016 as I was unsure as to whether TI2014 would function properly with Windows 10.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that this softtware has become very bloated for many users with items that many of us will never use abd switch off.  This is true of many pieces of software;  Norton and Nero are two such apps that I still use but have to ignore or switch off many of the superfluous functions.

Why can't Acronis make available a cut down version that contains just the basics that is easier to use and at a cheaper cost.

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I don't mind paying the same price. All the extra bloat could be available to be installed per the users request. I fairly confident that most of this bloat is not being used by the majority of users. I use the schedular, daily backups, and that's it.

I would have to go back and look but I was told by some that 2012 works flawless with Windows 10 with none of the bloat.

Acronis is very simple to use, and it just works. I'm courious about trying Macrium Reflect it's supposed to be excellent and none of the bloat. I'll probably give it a go if, or when I need to shell out more money for backup software.

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I really don't understand the company - I don't mind the bloat that much as long as I can turn it off somewhere, but while they introduce new unwanted "features", they remove vital functionality such as Logviewer and the ability to remove previous generations from within the UI. I recently also got real problems when a bad sector is encountered, backup sometimes just hangs, can't be stopped, sometimes can be ignored, but then the resulting backup cannot be read anymore (I checked the target with two tools, took a couple days, so it should be good) (btw Log I got in mail said it's a problem on disk 3 - there are only 0,1,2 in Diskmanager, so it's probably 2)

I have used Reflect free before to clone an active Windows partition to another SSD, then use that one to boot, went great.  I guess reading here that 2017 is essentially the same as 2016 (dumbed down, essential features not reintroduced) I fear 2016 was the last version I actually bought.