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Introduce variables into acronis agent (pre-deploy)?

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Is there anyway to introduce some variables into the acronis agent for things like computername if I have a winPE image? 

I would REALLY like to be able to name my computers with a prefix followed by the service tag/serial number. I understand that the agent itself can't read the bios, but I could do a wmi call from a script inside PE (something like wmic bios get serialnumber) to pull that and then create variable that might then be used by the acronis agent. 

Is this somethign that acronis supports? Every enterprise I have been with used a machine name that was unique to the machine itself, not just a random number generated and I am extrememly surprised that Acronis does not offer this functionality. 

Otherwise I'm having to run a post install script to change the computername and then rejoin it which is prone to failure. 


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Not that I'm aware - it's been asked a few times, but SD5 hasn't been updated in several months.  You might have luck automating the task afterwards by using a startup script or GPO to check the computer name and automate the process.  Never tried myself, but perhaps this may help get the process started...