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Acronis Appliance sdb1 disk full

Thread needs solution
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We are getting some errors that the 2nd disk of the acronis appliance is full, so i looked with SSH on it and see that sdb1 disk is full 100%.

Please see attached picture, the yellow marked areas.

Could this be cleaned somehow, rebooting did not help so far?

Thanks in Advance



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sorry, found the solution myself, Vasily already described what to do in this matter:


Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Markus,

In some cases simple clean up of the appliance won't be enough and there are additional actions required to fix the /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file or the /etc/Acronis/VMMS.config - it depends on particular appliance state. My point is that if you still have problems with the appliance after cleanup via KB, you should contact our support team with the .ovf template of the broken appliance - we'll be able to fix these problems on our side.

P.S. to avoid such problems you can export the appliance configuration from Configure->Agent Settings->Export/Import configuration and save it somewhere just in case.

Thank you.