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Unable to connect to Acronis vmProtect agent

Thread needs solution
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Acronis Appliance - VMprotect 9 - web console does not respond

Sudenlly - - do not respond, you cannot reach this site. Tried from diffrent PC, diffrent browsers - IE 9,10,11, Firefox, Chrome, ..

It looks like everything is Ok, except, you cannot connect to web interface. backup looks like working, virtual machine is working as well.

Very simmilar to that

Any solution for vmprotect 9 ?


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Lubomir,

The linked is applicable to Acronis Backup for VMware 9 (former "Acronis vmProtect 9") as well. The idea is to clean up the appliance to free up the space on it and then fix the Lighttpd service (replace broken /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file with proper one). If there would be still problems with connection, then follow the instructions from article. If the problem still persists please contact our support team for assistance.

Thank you.

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Thanks.   - this fixed that :-)

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Comments: 25 fixed it for me as well - the lighttpd.conf file was at zero bytes