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Snap Deploy 5 -No network interfaces are available- HP Elitebook 840 G3

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Hi, I'm using Sanp Deploy on HP Elitebook and Elitedesk.

With the 840 G1, I have no issue, but with the Elitebook 840 G3 and the Elitedesk 800 G2 the deployment is not working.

See attached pictures.

First off all the boot menu of Acronis is totally black with zero pictures like an MSDOS menu. But it's working.

I could copy the images off the computers, but I can't deploy it.

After I launched Sanp Deploy, I have the normal windows but with no informations about the computer I'm working on,

No adress MAC or IP, or the server IP.

Do I need special drivers for those compuetrs?

I don't know what to do.

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The black screen with DOS letters is the UEFI boot menu - even though it looks "old school" it's actually for the newer UEFI systems.  The colorful GUI screen you're used to seeing is for legacy boot machines - it's still there, but if your system is using a UEFI bios, then you will see the black screen with DOS letters for the menu.

I suspect you're using verstion 1660 of Snap Deploy 5?  If so, the beta 1666 should have newer drivers for more current Intel NICs.  I have no idea why 1666 hasn't been released as an official vesion after all this time - it is really just 1660 with better driver support for Intel NIC's and PCIE NVME hard drives. The download for 1666 is now its own stickly on the main SD5 page:

Sticky: Build 1666 can be found here!

This will sound weird, but run it and upgrade to 1666.  Then remove the PXE component completely with the uninsall option in the control panel.  Reboot and then install just the PXE component again and reboot. Hopefully networking will be working for you after that.