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When are old incremental backups removed?

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I have my backup set to create a new full backup every so often, but I kind of expected it to remove the incremental backups from the old backup, otherwise the backup disk is going to get rather full.  


Perhaps it is related to the following error in the backup log:

2017-10-01T07:43:16:884+00:00 16936 I00180000: Preparing the media...
017-10-01T07:43:16:885+00:00 16936 E0004000F: Error 0x4000f: Canceled.
| trace level: error
| line: 0x37dcad4ee29f401
| file: k:\51\builder\lib\fdd_builder.cpp:512
| function: RemovableBuilder::PrepareMedia
| line: 0x37dcad4ee29f401, k:\51\builder\lib\fdd_builder.cpp:512, RemovableBuilder::PrepareMedia
| $module: ti_demon_vs_9660
2017-10-01T07:43:16:896+00:00 16936 I000B03F0: Create Backup Archive From:      Recovery (2-1), FAT32 (2-2), NTFS (C:) To file: "nas://WDMYCLOUD/nasbackup/CUBE/My partitions.tib" Compression: Normal 

Looks like the full backup was triggered due to the error.

I will have to keep my eye on this one.

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Austin, incremental backups will only be removed as part of automatic cleanup which in turn works only on completed version chains.

So from your image of the files you have, a completed version chain would be all the files sharing the same _b2_ indicator in the file names, so the initial _full_b2_ file and all the associated _inc_b2_ files.

When automatic cleanup runs depends on the settings for your task, so for example, if you set the task to 'Store no more than 2 recent version chains' then the oldest chain will be deleted after you have created the 3rd full backup file for the next version chain successfully.