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Backup Splitting - OSX

Thread needs solution
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How can I enable backup splitting on OSX?



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Thomas, welcome to these User Forums.

I cannot find any reference to any options for backup splitting in the ATI 2018 for Mac user guide and this does not have the same options panels that I am familiar with in the ATI 2018 Windows product version.

I can only suggest either to open a Support Case direct with Acronis Support for this question, and/or raise this same question in the dedicated Acronis True Image for Mac Forum where other Mac users may respond to you.

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Hello Thomas

Just wanted to let you know, that we've converted your feedback to a feature request (internal number for reference is TI-120342). Hopefully, the feature will be implemented in one of the future versions. Thank you for your input! 

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I second this request..

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Hi Alex

Thank you for your posting! May I ask you to give us some concrete examples of when this option could be useful for you?