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Access control at file level

Thread needs solution
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Question for experts... may be obvious for someone ? While read  / write access authorizations can easily be provided at folder level, is there a possibility to set authorizations at file level ? This is very necessary for day to day operations...

I could not find how...

Thanks ! 

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Hi balo,

Acronis Access uses Windows NTFS permissons. So you should normally use Windows’ built-in tools for adjusting directory and file permissions. See Changing Permissions for Shared Files and Folders.

I'd also recommend taking a read of the following article: Acronis Access Connect: Best Practices for Permissions on NTFS.

Thank you,

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I have used SVN before and because I have a larger project which I have frequently changing developers working on I want to define file access on a package or file level. For example giving full access to basic classes, but only allow the reading and committing for special users in some cases. Is there a version control system which would allow that, like GIT, CVS or SVN or is there a work around to do this? I do not have my own Server but I am using Codesion as a hosted service.