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ATI 2018 not installing - not valid win32 application

Thread needs solution
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Hello all,

I have seen similar errors on the forum, for previous editions. But none appears to have a solution. I have 3 licenses. Installed two without a problem. On a third computer, the installation process stops and rolls-back. It states that Acronis cannot be installed due to an error. If I check the error, it says "not valid win32 application". I checked the logs, but could not find anything relevant. It appears that it failed to install and start service TIB.

any hint is welcome.

Could not put the log file because it is more than 2MB


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Leandro, are you using the same installer code on all three of your computers, or have you downloaded the installer separately on each machine?

I have not seen any reports of this type of install error here in the forums, so this sounds to be a possibly corrupt installer.

I would suggest signing in to your Acronis account and downloading the latest build 10410 full installer (500MB) and trying with this.  If this does not work, then you may want to try using the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature) followed by a restart then try again.

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When you download the file again save it to a different location on disk.  This sometimes helps if the file was corrupt.

Another possible cause is the Version of Windows you are trying to install on is not compatible with the application.

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Thank you Steve.

I´m using the same installer and I already ran the cleanup tool. I did other things as well such as disabling the antivirus software, uninstalling the AV software, cleaning temp folder, running fsk /scannow and so on. The installer checksum is correct.

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System: Windows 10 64bit v1709

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Please see KB 46710: Acronis True Image: Installation Fails in Windows which has a lot of information to try help investigate this type of issue that should still be valid for ATI 2018.

Other thoughts: 
Please ensure you are running from an Administrator level account.
Try creating a new user account and installing from there.
If you can get the Installer.msi log and post that (zipped if needed), that may help.

If all else fails, then recommend opening a Support Case with Acronis for this problem.

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The mention of earlier versions of ATI and DD leads me to wonder if you are installing ATI 2018 on all three systems. If not, the earlier versions may be incompatible with Windows 10. You should also be installing the latest build of Disk Director, released mid-2018.


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Dear all,

I found the problem (or at least what was preventing the installation). I disabled the new security options that came with Windows 10 build 1703, more specifically, device guard virtualization security: Isolated User Mode and Hyper-V hypervisor. 

After that, I have installed ATI without problems.

I will now try to re-enable those options and see if it works.

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Thanks for the update / feedback, which is useful to know as a potential cause of install issues. I haven't seen these new security options in Windows 10 as my computer(s) are all older models which don't support hypervisor etc.