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Acronis 3rd party package install issue.

Thread needs solution
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I have searched and didn't see anything in relation to support of the Acronis 3rd party package install.

I have downloaded and installed the package on my Synology NAS. I clicked on the icon to open the it and it opens a new web page. Back up your mobile device to this NAS On your mobile device, open the Acronis Mobile app and scan this QR code but QR code is there is a spinning circle

Also it says to Please check the NAS network preferences, and then reopen the app. but I do not know what needs to be checked as I can access the NAS from an outside network with no issues. As far as I know I do not have any network issues. What am I missing here?


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Hello Jennifer,

Welcome to Acronis forums! One possible cause is outlined in the article

Another reason might be that NAS redirects the application to HTTPS protocol. While HTTPS protocol is supported starting from U2 (new builds of the apps have been uploaded to app stores on November 7), the issue could still reproduce on some specific devices. In this case we'd be grateful if you submit a feedback with the log files, so that our development can take a look, You can use the the following workaround then (switch from HTTPS to HTTP in the URL): 

Hope this help to get your mobile backup up and running. 

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By HTTP it works. Apparently, package still in version 1.0. How to obtain Update 2 ?

Also, if you remove the "S" and replace port 5001 by 5000 in the URL, and you just have a blank screen with a blue spinning circle, please check in your NAS preferences if you have forced the redirection to HTTPS (Control panel > Network > Advanced > untick Auto redirect)

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Hello Jeoffrey,

the most up-to-date build is already available in app stores. If the issue still reproduces, please open a support ticket for investigation.