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Migration from Acronis Gateway 1.7 Stuck

Thread needs solution
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I am migrating from Acronist Gateway 1.7 to Acronis Storage 2.4, the migration stuck with only 1 file left and 186GB pending, the migration is in this status for 10 day now.

There is no much to check in Storage 2.4, and support service is watching the soccer world cup.

Does any body in the same status?


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Please any comment

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Dear Alonso,

We sincerely apologize for the delayed response! The priority of your open ticket has been raised. I've reviewed the case history, looks like one of our support engineers has sent you an email with the further steps. Please send us the requested information for troubleshooting: the SSH and WebCP credentials and the hostname or IP to access the Acronis Backup Gateway

Thank you in advance for cooperation!