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Acronis 11.5 -- Failed ot obtian statistics of vault

Thread needs solution
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Running System is Acronis 11.5 with seperate NAS Storage node.

Several centrally managed vaults created, one of which has de-duplication enabled.

The de-duplication vault is now unavailable giving a messge 'Failed to obtain statistics of vault 'arl:/1XXX.....'

The other vaults are still operating as expected

I have read some support documents and i removed a .tmp file from the De-Duplicated .meta folder on the NAS. However the issue still exists.

Are there any other steps to take here??


Thank you for you support

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Thank you for your posting, John.

As I understand, the deduplicated vault cannot be accessed. I will be happy to help you.

The error message might indicate various problems:

  1. The vault is corrupted
  2. The disk on which the vault is located can be corrupted
  3. Connectivity errors
  4. A crash of Acronis services

In order to understand, what might cause this error, we need to localize the problem first.

  1. Open Windows event logs and check if there are any crashes of Acronis processes.
  2. Clear Acronis Management Server and Acronis Storage Node databases: and

  1. Restart Acronis Storage Node, restart the NAS
  2. Check whether the machine with Acronis Storage Node meets minimum system requirements
  3. Check if there are any disk-related errors on the machine with deduplication database:

c) Start -> Run -> cmd
d) chkdsk DISK: /f /r

Please be aware that you will need to restart the machine.

  1. Try to re-index the vault:
  2. Check that Storage Node service is started under the right user

Please let me know if these steps helped you to localize or to resolve the issue. If the issue still persists, please gather the following information:

  1. Share the results of the listed steps
  2. Copy the full error message
  3. Create a system report of the machine(s) with the Management server and Storage node

You can download the logs to our FTP-server. I will send you the link in private messages. To view them, go to “My account” at the top of a forum page and then to “Dialogs”.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.