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FALSE POSITIVE problem on VirusTotal Feedback

Thread needs solution
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Hello, we made an executable for a ROM track (DVD-ROM) Multimedia DVD that simply auto-execute the multimedia application present in the dvd-rom.

Vox_Imago_PC-exe (236KB)
SHA-256: cf9a5ca5ad376234ba38d374d855fce048dd7abda4955a4548874d412fb4355e

You can download the executable from this link:
The sample is in a password protected zip file the archive password is "infected"

We made the executable and it isn't a virus or malware but actually it is recognized by your antivirus heuristic code as malware.
We hereby declare that this code doesn't contain any malware or virus code and submit it for your analysis.

The executable will generate a simple BAT file that will change directory and call another executable in the cd-rom executing those commands:
cd voximago
Actually is needed because the real executable only work in a sub-directory but we need to execute it from the root directory of the cd-rom.

We are requesting to be identified as secure also because we can’t modify the cd-rom already distribuited.

We can give you also sources or all details you’ll need for whitelisting.

We are actually contacting all the anti-virus vendors that marked our software as “malicious” and many of them had removed the false positive hit on our software. 

We started to check our executable on 2018-12-06 15:29:22 UTC and VirusTotal report lowered from 36/68 to only 12/69 as is today, so we are every day check with the remaining anti-virus vendors that hadn’t removed the false positive on our software and every day is lowering.

If you need any more info, sources or whatever is necessary for removing the false positive hit on our software please ask.

Thankyou very much.
Best regards.

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Hello Carlo,

welcome to Acronis forums and thank you for your posting! Please submit the link to the Virus Total report to with detailed description of why you think this detection is incorrect. For more information please refer to the article Acronis scanner at

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Thankyou very much Ekaterina,

I've sent the e-mail to now I'm waiting for the resolution.

Best Regards!


Carlo Santagostino



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Hello Ekaterina, 

since today nothing happened, can you confirm that the falsepositive team had received my e-mail?

I've re-sent the mail today.

Tankyou very much, best regards.


Carlo Santagostino


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Hello Carlo,

If your emails have not bounced back, you can consider we have received them.

The processing may have been delayed due to the winter holidays time.