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Permanent license expired

Thread needs solution
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Our customer got the error message that his permanent license is expired. This shouldn't be possible because its permanent so it shouldn't have an expiry date.

What can we do? Reinstall it maybe?



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Does the client have the license registered to them or to you?

Whoever the registered owner is should be able to activate the license for the number of active clients.

If someone has tried to move the license or use it for more than the # paid for, it will deactivate on the older systems when transferred.

I would open a chat support case with tech support if they have not registered on more than their allottment to help get it activated again.

Yes, perpetual licenses are good forever, but only for the # of systems active as there are licenses paid for.

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if the issue still persists and you're using Acronis Backup 12.5, please send me a couple of screenshots showing the error message and where it is displayed and the license key (click on Send message under my profile), I'll check.

Thank you in advance!