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Snap Deploy 5 (SD5): Imaging starts and then stops with error code 1 module 52 and error code 2 module 100

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I've been imaging right along (hundreds of machines imaged over the past couple of weeks) until suddenly, none of my tasks will work. The log in the snap deploy 5 program shows the following: 

Host '' has failed the deployment.

Additional info:


Error code: 1

Module: 52

LineInfo: 6934824D68D2F6B4

Fields: $module: "osd_server_vs_1755"

Message Host '' has failed the deployment.


Error Code: 2

Module: 100

LineInfo: 876D9AA543F78CF4

Fields: $moule: "osd_server_vs_1755

Message: No Acronis Snap Deploy for PC - Deployment License on ''.


Does this mean that I ran out of imaging licenses and need to purchase more? When I look under the license tab I see 3 lines at the top:

Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0 for PC - Upgrade License: Used: 0 | Available: 900 | Total: 900

Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 for PC - Machine License: Used: 900 | Available: 0 | Total: 900

Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for PC - Upgrade License: Used: 0 | Available: 900 | Total: 900


I don't understand. I'm using SD5 and there are 900 licenses. If anyone could let me know what I should do, that would be greatly appreciated as I still have hundreds of machines left to image.

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Hello Rick,

thank you for your posting! Any chance some machines changed their MAC addressed? Acronis Snap Deploy licenses are assigned to a particular MAC address. If it changes e.g. the system was decommissioned, you'll need to contact Acronis support to get a new license (see Hardware decommissioning in

You can check the license assignment as following

On the machine with installed Licensing Server component find and execute  C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\License Server\LicenseServerConsole.exe

Connect to the License Server and open "View Usage Info". Here you can find the machine mentioned in the error message and check if it has a license assigned.