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Acronis 11.7.50088 backup plans cataloging error

Thread needs solution
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while executing certain backup plans I constantly receive the following error, requesting interaction:

"Error occured while opening the file. Too many open files"

Sometimes it blocks continuation of backup plan, sometimes plan is running through. No difference if running cataloging in fast or full mode.

Any idea how this could be solved, couldn't find anything anywhere.



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Hello Helmut, thank you for your posting! 

As I understand, you are running a backup with Acronis Backup 11.7, which sometimes fails with "Too many open files". I will be happy to help you out!

Could you please let me know: 

a) what is the source for your backup (a VM, a physical machine, a disk or a file)? 

b) what is the destination (a NAS, a share, a local drive)? Is it a managed or an unmanaged location? 

c) does the source have any DBs? 

d) which build-version are you using? 

If you backup to a network location, could you please try backing up locally, in order to localize the issue? Does it fail? 

Waiting for your reply. Thank you!