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Login fails after update

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After installing build 1700, I was once able to log into my account with it, but now it says wrong e-mail or password even though it's not the case.

Any idea? And am I protected when not signed on?

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Here some tips that helped other users to resolve the issue:

1. Make sure, connection is not going through a proxy, as Acronis Ransomware Protection does not support proxy

If this does not help, verify that connection to Acronis servers is not blocked by other Windows settings as explained in this article

2. If still no joy, as the workaround try using an empty account for Acronis Ransomware Protection app. This free product was initially designed for new users who don't have Acronis products yet. If you are using Acronis Backup 12.5\Acronis Cyber Cloud or Acronis True Image, then the Active Protection module is already built in and you don't need to install Acronis Ransomware Protection.