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Acronis Customer service and Managements the worst I've ever encountered!!

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Customer service would not give me a free upgrade as I'm off by one month  (they will only upgrade within 1 month and that's just plain crazy. 3 months I can understand) Given the fact that I beta tested for many weeks, I'd certainly to be given some slack and let me upgrade for free. From a customer satisfaction standpoint alone, it would certainly be worth it.

In addition when I purchased 2019 2 months priro never did anyone inform me that a new version was coming out in 2 months. Management's is very short sighted.

As they say, piss one person off and everyone will know about it., Management made their decision and I made my response.

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This has been the policy for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, this is standard license practice with many software products for upgrade and for the return window. I ran into this with Camtasia, buying the 2018 version about 2 months before 2019 was released and am not eligible for a free upgrade with it either.

You're not missing much at this point (IMHO). 2020 is changing the backup format to .tibx, but the change is bringing some additional bugs of it's own that still need some ironing out and polishing. Personally I'm keeping 2019 on my main machine for the time being and using 2020 on my secondary laptop to keep up with it for forum help and testing.

As for the customer support, the policy has been in place and if they make exceptions for some, they'd need to do the same for others and I can understand them sticking by the current policy until/unless they change it.

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Thanks for your post Bobbo. I get all that but a company should be all about customer service, especially given the fact that I spent many hours beta testing 2020. Had I known an upgrade was coming in 2 months, I certainly would have held off buying 2019. I got no notice and the fact that I missed by only 1 month should be reason enough to make an exception. Many other companies make exceptions for much less reason to do so.

No, this says volumes about their management and customer service. They should never be trusted. And for goodness sake, we're talking $30 and I'm sure the time they spent with emails back and forth, was certainly more than that. In addition, it took them a week before they made a definitive decision. Totally hopeless and inept management.


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I just got an email with coupon allowing 30% off on ATI 2020 (not sure if it works with update subscription). This is the first time they have made such an offer to beta testers who did not get a free licence (see here for listing) - looks to be 30 plus participants who got a free licence. (I did not get one because MVPs do not qualify for free licence under beta testing).