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Restore Files to Original Location Not Available

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Hello, We have a Hyper-V server that has the agent installed on the node, and the VM's are being backed up via agentless backup without issue. When I want to restore a single file, it does not allow me to choose the original location of the file (which is on one of the VM's). I read this article… but just looking for confirmation. Am I reading that correctly that you cannot backup files to their original location unless they have the actual agent installed on the VM? Thanks in advance! Ken

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Sorry, Kenneth, it's a forum about API ans SDKs not for the products usage questions.

But the original post, which you mentioned, did not mean what you wrote, but it contained opposite statement 

When you back up your VMs at the hypervisor level, only separate files/folders or the entire hyper-v machine can be recovered. 

Please, ask your following questions at the correct forum.