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Problem creating WinPE based Disk Director Boot Image

Thread needs solution
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I have a problem to build a working (Windows PE based) Boot Disk-Image with
Disk Director, to modify partitions on my new Laptop with WIN-10 Home 64Bit.

  • With my former Disk Director 12.0, the Acronis Bootable Media Creator
    crashed, maybe because of the actual WIN-10 release is to new ...
  • Yesterday I upgraded to Disk Director 12.5 (Home). The Acronis Bootable
    Media Creator now produces an ISO-Image (mode: create WinPE auto-
    matically), but when writing the image to an USB-Stick the USB-Stick is
    not booting correctly ...
  • The same procedure with True Image 2020 (creating ISO Image, writing
    Image to Stick, booting with the stick) works fine. Stick can boot Notebook
    (GPT partitioned NVMe SSD with secure boot default activated). So it´s
    not a problem of my notebook, and not a problem from writing image to
    USB stick)

My questions:

  • What to do, getting a working Image? How to extract PE-Image in a way,
    TrueImage does, so that the stick with DD-12.5 starts to boot
  • Is it real so complicated, to detect that TI and DD are installed on my com-
    puter, and to build a Image what contains both (TI and DD)? Or is there a
    trick, to achive this? (some years before, with former versions this was pos-
    sible and worked fine).
  • Formerly there was a download to integrate DD and TI in Win-PE Image.
    Is there a link available, to download DD and TI in a way that it can be inte-
    grated in actual WIN-10 WIN-PE versions?

Looking forward to Your answer.

With regards,


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Hello Paul,

thanks, for Your quick reply, which I see today …

Before I read the link which You mentioned above, I´ll shortly write down what I had figured out (after creating the thread above, but was not able to append, because the thread must be approved before through forum staff to get visible).

The Problem to get TI-2020 and DD-12.5 both on one USB-Stick / ISO-Image is much more compicated, than I thought, because of True-Image-2020 and DiscDirector-12.5 are build with different TI Rescue tools, that rely on different versions of Microsoft Deployment Tools (which include ToolsWin-RE, WIM-Tools and all the other Microsoft stuff).

After deleting the Deployment Version I had installed for creating TI-2020 Image, the Acronis tool that creates DD Boot Image detected, that there is no Microsoft Deployment installed, and suggested to install it (in the previous Version, the Acronis DD creator is capable to handle). Afterwards creation of Windows Boot Image with DiscDirector-12.5 succeeded.

The problem was - so I assume - that Acronis Boot Image Creator only checks if the Microsoft Deployment Tools are installed (and does not check the Version it can support). If there´s a newer Version installed, with changed deployment tool subdirectory structure, the Image creation stucks because some files are not found …


        - TI-2020  uses Win-PE from  Win-ADK-PE 10.1.17763.1
        - DD-12.5 uses Win-PE from  Win-ADK-PE 10.1.14393.0

Now let´s check if the thread above has other suggestions.

With regards,