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No Links for Posted Comments

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I posted a question a day or so ago and came back to check on it.  I've since noticed that if my profile settings included a request to notify me of updates to my posts, that setting was lost in the move to the new forum software.

However, I can't find the links to my old posts.  In the "Not sure where to start" post, I see that there are supposed to be links on the profile page for Bookmarks, Dialogs, Created topics, and Commented topics -- but I don't have any of those links.  See screenshot.

How do I find my old posts?


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Hello Pete,

here are the links

I'll try to reproduce the issue and get back to you. 

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Hello Pete!
I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with my testing account - both links are shown in the profile. Does the issue still persists for you?