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Default plan possible?

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Is there a way in Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 to set a plan as the default, so that new clients will get that plan assigned to them when the management server sees them? We are about to add several hundred clients and I don't want to manually add each computer to the plan.

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Hello Doc!

Not per se, but you can set the default backup settings (see attachment). Any new plan you create would then inherit these settings.

I don't want to manually add each computer to the plan

 You are talking about assigning the plan here, which is a different management aspect. You can select multiple computers and assign a plan to them all, or alternatively you can greate a group that shares the plan and add machines to the group. Any plan you assign to the group will be active on the machines within the group.

If your issue is with adding agents to the management server you can look at unattended installs through group policies.

-- Peter

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