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Acronis Backup 12.5 Sporadically fails over SFTP corrupting backup archive file

Thread needs solution
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I noticed that sporadically backup fails on one of the servers with error codes similar to those:


Backup plan 'Entire machine to sftp://backup/dump'


network operation failed




Operation with partition '' was terminated.

Additional info:

Error code: 502
Module: 1
LineInfo: 0xA164035B3FF39299
Fields: {"$module":"disk_bundle_lxa64_11010"}
Message: Operation with partition '' was terminated.

Error code: 21
Module: 4
LineInfo: 0x5ED2D076C4684620
Fields: {"$module":"disk_bundle_lxa64_11010"}
Message: Network disconnected.
Error code: 52
Module: 7
LineInfo: 0x30BA355F9FD4FF2C
Fields: {"$module":"disk_bundle_lxa64_11010","function":"archive_stream_write","code":"5017"}
Message: network operation failed


It looks like some sporadical rarely expected network event caused temporary process interruption and Acronis had no workaround or recovery process.

What would be the process to recover now corrupted TIBX archive file to continue using Acronis Backup and access previous snapshots data?


PS: It looks like backup was not corrupted at this time and was able to successfully run backup job manually.

PSS: I modified backup option error handling to re-attempt in 5-10 minutes instead of default 30 seconds, let's see if this correction may help to improve network event error handling a bit better

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Hello Andrey,

thank you for providing more details on this corruption issue. Thus, in order to investigate it, in addition to Acronis System Information and a backup plan that I asked you to collect in the neighbor thread, we also will need PCAP Logs with Wireshark and SFTP logs.

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We had the same issue where backups would sometimes fail when using sftp.. On occasion it would corrupt the backup file.. We created new backup plans that used the older Acronis 11 file format..  It seems to have resolved the problem completely.. 

The older file format doesn't combine multiple days worth of backups into a single file.. I chose this just so we wouldn't loose a full weeks worth of backups when it gets corrupt, but it appears to be working better than expected.. We're not getting failed backups at all anymore.. 

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Hello Steve,

thank you for posting in this forum and sharing a workaround!

We regret to know that you've encountered this issue (bug ABR-238953 No retries while backing up to SFTP-server).

As you have already mentioned, to work around this problem you can either change backup format to Version 11 (you will need to re-create a backup plan) or use SMB instead of SFTP.