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How to delete folders from Cyber Files Sync & Share

Thread needs solution
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In setting up Sync & Share it became necessary to create several folders to experiment with before rolling out this service to members.  I would like to delete (permanently) these folders but can find no way to do so.  Is this a no can do thing in Sync & Share?  If it is this needs to be rethought as an admin should have the ability to delete any and all content at will here.

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Hello Enchantech!

Thank you for posting this question.

Please point at a folder you want to delete and you will be able to check a little box in the folder's icon bottom-right corner. Then you will see Delete option listed at the right pane.

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Hi Maria,

Unfortunately this will not Permanently delete the folders.  It removes them from view but if you select the Hide deleted option and change the view to Show deleted then the folders are still there.

For Files you can tick the file as you describe and select delete which removes them from view as well.  With Show deleted active you can then select files again and get a Permanently delete button option.  This is not true for folders so they cannot be entirely removed (deleted).  I find this to be an issue as I need to clear out these folders.  I would classify this issue as a Bug.

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To force manual purging of deleted files, you should log in to the web-console as a regular user, click on the user icon and navigate to Manage Quotas -> Manual purging -> Purge Now -> Purge all revisions of deleted files. Please see the following article.

In general, in Acronis Cyber Files, documents, files and folders are normally preserved in the system unless explicitly eliminated. This allows users to recover deleted files and maintain previous versions of any document. Acronis Cyber Files allows administrators to define policies to determine how long deleted files will be preserved, the maximum number of revisions to keep and when older revisions will be deleted. Details are in our official documentation as well.

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Hello Mike,

Thanks for the reply.  Please note that I am not talking about File deletion.  I am talking about Folder deletion. 

I tried your method of regular user, manage Quotas.  I also tried the Manual purging methods outlined in the article you linked.  Unfortunately the issue remains as these methods deal with files only and have no effect on folders.

Again, unlike files, which have the option of "Permanently delete" if selected again after an initial delete, folders deletion offers no such option.  Therefore, as folders are no longer needed they remain occupying storage space.  Granted this is small amounts of storage but over time can become a sizable chunk.  This being practiced globally across all Sync & Share users could grow to large amounts of storage space wasted.

So my original question remains, how does one permanently delete these folders and further, why is there no such option available for folder deletion like that for files?


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Hello Everyone,

yes, permanent deletion of folders is not available in the current implementation. I've added this topic to the existing change request.

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Find the files on your computer and delete them. On a Mac: By default, filesfrom the Internet will be saved to your Downloads folder.