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Protect agent from uninstall !

Thread needs solution
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Hi All

Can we have ability to protect agent from uninstall with password etc on servers?

We recently have situation with attacker who  gained access to server on one of the admin accounts, removed acronis and started to encrypt all files. In that case built in active protection is useless as attacker can simple uninstall whole product...

Simple password protection would be sufficient. Any good AV vendor have this as standard...

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Hello Greg!

Sorry to hear about your case. At some point I was also wondering how this could be prevented, but came up empty handed. Decided to trust the AV we have to use anyway to catch bad actors.

There is also a dedicated forum topic for suggestions:

-- Peter


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Hello Greg,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

Sorry to know about this situation. Thank you for sharing this use case. We have added your vote for an already existing feature request (RM-1080 Password protection for uninstallation).