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Problems with arranging backups.

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I have been using Acronis TI 2018 for some time, and have it set to run daily incremental backups, plus a weekly backup which creates a full version after every three incremental runs. But for some reason I now find that when the full (weekly) version has been created, the new items simply continue to be added to the list. In other words, the full backups list does not remove the earlier incremental versions now, but just keeps being added to. Is there a way I can get it to revert to how it was?

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Douglas, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but I am not sure that I understand what the issue is here?

What are your settings on the Backup scheme page of your backup task for automatic cleanup rules?

A screen image of the settings would be helpful, along with one showing the files that are being created from Explorer.

Have any settings been changed recently prior to the current issue starting?  If so, what was changed?