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Can Mac True Image restore files from a NAS that were created by Windows True Image?

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I've been running True Image 2018 on a Windows PC and a MacBook Pro (Catalina 10.15), storing incremental backups to a NAS. The PC recently died, and I want to restore backups that were created by the Windows True Image.

However, when (on my Mac) I go to Recovery > Recover Files from Existing Backup... and point it to the backups on the NAS, True Image just hangs. Every time. (All drop-down menu items are grayed out, and all buttons on the UI are unresponsive.)  

One thing that has me a bit concerned is this KB article about True Image 2018, which says that Acronis True Image on a Mac can do file-level restores: "Yes (backups of Macs)" -- implying perhaps that it can do file-level restores only of Mac-created backups, but not from backups created by a True Image on Windows - ??

I was thinking about upgrading to True Image 2021 (partly in the hopes that it'll solve this immediate problem), but if there's some fundamental problem with recovering Windows-created backups from a Mac, I probably won't.

Many thanks!


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Hello Steve,

thank you for your posting! I'm afraid that backups of Windows computers can be recovered only by Acronis True Image for Windows 

As a workaround you may want trying to install the Windows version onto the BootCamp partition and then access your backups. This is officially not supported, but might work. The alternative would be using a Win based PC..

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Hmmm, I did a search of the knowledge base and did not come across 1689. Steve posted on the ATI 2018 Forum first, I suggested the possibility of Bootcamp or finding another PC. Not that I know anything about MAC.


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Thanks, Ekaterina. I had a feeling that was the case.  I do have an ancient Windows laptop that I can install ATI 2018 on.  (I have a three-machine perpetual license, so I'm good there.)  And the goal is to get backups on a NAS restored to another NAS, so all I need the old Windows laptop for is running the restore process.