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True Image 2019 not starting after install

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Hi I've just installed TI 2019 after registering but it won't start properly. The icon shows in the doc (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 ) but activity monitor says not responding. Would be grateful for any help with this.

Tried re-installing, restarting, so far.

Acronis True Image 2019 1 Computer Standard (Multilingual)

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James, welcome to these public User Forums.

Caveat: I am a Windows user with no direct experience of using ATI on any Mac.

I can only recommend reviewing the ATI 2019 for Mac User Guide following sections:

System requirements - and the note about General requirements at the bottom of the page.

Install, update, or remove Acronis True Image 2019 - and the note part way down the page applying to High Sierra 10.13

If the above does not help, then either raise this topic in the dedicated ATI for Mac Forum or else open a Support case direct with Acronis as per the How to get support? link.

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Thanks for those points! I have tried the note about High Sierra and requirements and says I can't open a case as it's not supported. Maybe it's connected with a trail of TI 2020 which was running fine before it expired and I de-installed.