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Third party app to copy backup

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Any third party app, I can copy backup file from one destination to other.

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Hello WinApl!

Can you supply some more info about what are you trying to achieve here? Your question is far too vague to talk specifics.

Some pointers:

  • What's the source and destination type?
  • Backup format tib or tibx?
  • Is deduplication involved?
  • Do you need complicated retention rules for the destination?
  • Is there a network boundary you need to cross?
  • How many backups do you need this for?
  • Is this a one off task or do you need to automate this and/or run on a schedule?

-- Peter

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Hello WinApl.

There are not any specific restrictions on copying/moving backup archives. The only condition is to move the entire backup archive with all the .tib/tibx files in order to retain integrity.

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I like to keep an off-site copy of my backups and so I need to copy about 5 Acronis .tib files every month from my backup shares on a NAS to one of my off-site drives which are other shares on the same NAS. Since I don't know how to get the NAS to make the copy directly I have to do this via my computer. Even with gigabit ethernet a copy of a >1TB .tib file takes more than a day. Copying using Windows copy, CMD Copy, or the copy modes available in my file manager (Total Commander) has always failed for me, since my NAS (Western Digital My Cloud) always eventually failed under the heavy load.

My only success at copying the files has been with a free utility called CopyFile, available at (overview) (download)

That utility's raison d'être is to copy files over slow, unreliable networks, and it does that beautifully. It is designed to retry the copy if it encounters an error, and you can manually stop and restart a copy at any time, which is useful if you need to reboot your computer while a copy is in progress, or you need to pause a long copy while you give Acronis access to the NAS for a backup.

The utility lets you queue multiple copy jobs, which is ideal for my scenario where I need to specify a half dozen source files on different shares, each to be copied into a different folder on my off-site drive. The program can then run the jobs one at a time, or it can run multiple jobs at once, starting the next job from the queue each time one completes. For my scenario one job at a time makes the most sense since the copies are throttled by my network, a common NAS, and a common destination hard drive.

Truthfully, I have never tested the integrity of the copied .tib files since they are so large, but I did do an initial integrity test by copying some GB-sized files and then comparing them.

Unfortunately, the documentation is very poor, consisting of just a feature list and a .jpg of the two dialogs with a few words to describe the intent of each field. I have yet to figure out how to get the utility to copy a whole folder or tree of files from one location to another; something it is supposed to be able to do, but I don't need for my application. If I ever needed this feature I would have to figure it out through some trial and error.

One interesting feature is that the program can copy a user-specified range of bytes from the source file to the destination file, which means that you can do things like repair the copy of a file that you know has just the first, middle, or last part damaged. Another use of this feature is to speed up the copy of a file for which there are two or more identical copies on several different, slow, servers. You can copy each of these source files to the same destination file, but specify different parts of the file for each of the copy jobs, which you then run simultaneously.

I have been using this utility under Windows 10 Pro for over a year, and it hasn't failed even once to copy a file. In this same environment the Windows copy of the same types of files only succeeded about 10% of the time if I made the copy immediately after rebooting my NAS, and 0% of the time if I was trying to copy a second .tib file without first rebooting my NAS.

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Garlin007 thank you for sharing your experience!