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Include drivers on the bootable CD media. And ghost parts

Thread needs solution
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When I create a bootable media, should I include some driver, which ones?
¿Cuando yo creo un medio de arranque, debería incluir algún driver,


I have indicated all PC drivers to be included, and have not been supported.
He indicado todos los drivers del PC para ser incluidos, y no han sido


When I access the hard drive using an acronis bootable media, I see two

ghost partitions, uninitialized, of 27M, and 17M. What do they mean?
Cuando yo accedo al disco duro utilizando un medio de arranque acronis,

veo dos particiones fantasmas, no inicializadas, de 27M, y 17M. ¿Qué


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Hello Antoni,

you may want using a Windows-based Bootable Media (WinPE) which has better compatibility with the various hardware configurations.

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Hello Antoni,

please find a complete step-by-step instruction on the recovery procedure and preparation (what drivers and how to prepare them) at the respective KB article