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How to Read Acronis Image file (TIB) Comments

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Please, this has gone on long enough.  I've been using Acronis since before 2010 (actually, since 2003 or 2004, but I can't locate my install disks to prove it), and, unbelievably, Acronis provides a comment field (as the last step in creating an image), and STILL hasn't provided a noobie-level app that can read them.  Every time I bought a new version, I've looked in every menu selection available in the bootable rescue disk (which is where you need it most), and unbelievably, they still haven't given us this capability.  This is shameful. I've even tried looking for the field in a Hex editor, to no avail.

I've actually read the comments before (one time), but only after installing the full-suite package in disgust and trying all the tools - I actually saw the comments - I felt like I was looking at a lost scroll from the Library at Alexandria. However, to enjoy this marvelous capability, your PC must have successfully booted to the WinXP-7-10 Desktop, in which case your need to see your own comments is mostly to satisfy a curiosity. Granted, there are people that use ATI from within a functioning environment, but when your system is dead, and you are staring at a blank screen or a cycling WIN-BSOD, and the fastest, sure-fire way to fix it (for the last 15 yrs) is to "restore" a recent C: drive Acronis image.  But which image to pick from?  I've annotated within the file name itself, but you can only put so much in a file name. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if we could read the very comments that you allowed us to store with our TIBs from the bootable rescue disk. 

Anyone that uses Acronis to actually FIX something, needs to be able to read these comments without being in the warm embrace of your ATI Application Suite that is running smoothly atop a fully functional operating system. Why can't you do this? How hard can it be?

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Andrew, welcome to these public User Forums.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon issue raised in the forums for those users who want to use the comments options.

Personally, though I sometimes do add a comment, mainly when making backups from rescue media, I have never actually needed to use the comments as I try to make my own backups easy to identify without them.

To this end, I use a separate folder for each PC I make backups from, and then use clearly identifiable names for the backup tasks and files so that I can see in a normal Explorer panel what is there.

ATI 2019 is long out of support so Acronis will never produce any fixes for this or any other issues, and to my knowledge, the same issue exists with ATI 2021 (latest version), hence taking an alternative approach that doesn't need these comments!

One other option would be to include a text document (notes.txt) in your backup images with details of any changes etc, which could then be viewed in Explorer on any system with ATI installed or could be easily restored as an individual file from rescue media.

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Hello Andrew,

I've registered your feedback as an internal feature request TI-213141 Show backup comments under a bootable media. Hope that we'll get comments back, however only in Acronis True Image 2021 or later versions.