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No iPad or iPhone backup since current build of iOS app

Thread needs solution
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Just discovered that my iPhone 8, iPad Pro (9.7”) and iPad AIIR 3 have not done backup since I installed the current build of the app about a month ago. They are are set up to backup whenever on wifi, but this is not happening.

Also just noticed it is possible to to have back up tasks to cloud, pc and NAS simultaneously - obviously I have not been paying attention.


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Thank you, Ian, passed the your feedback along with the similar Beta thread to the development team

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Thanks Ekaterina.

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Ekaterina, is there any progress of fixing this issue? It has been over 2 months since it was first reported. None of my iOS devices are backing up.


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I suspect that the problem was with the iPad/iPhone firmware. Since updating to iOS 14 backups occurring as they are supposed to. My iPhone 8 which has been refusing to update firmware for some months is still not backing-up.


Update: The iPhone 8 all of a sudden decided that it would install iOS 14, and it seems to be working now for the iPhone as well.

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I wrote another comment about this in another thread younger than this one. I detected that there is some kind of error at least in the Qnap NAS version of the acronis true mobile server and how process the calendar data to backup. It is possible that the client has a new version of the API and the NAS software is not updated yet (I don't know). The log in the NAS is related to validate a datetime value as far as I understand. I can't follow it without the original source code. The log says:

2020-11-30T18:55:20:437+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: Assertion failed: IsValid(), file /home/neeraj/nasbuild/ti-main/core/common/time/datetime_lx.cpp, line 266
2020-11-30T18:55:20:530+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x4db426]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:575+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x4df3f8]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:619+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x47aa1f]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:664+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x436a8e]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:708+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x43b52b]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:753+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x444d94]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:797+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x440923]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:842+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x44b5ea]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:886+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x307f8)
2020-11-30T18:55:20:931+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x32a10)
2020-11-30T18:55:20:975+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x33468)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:020+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x3abe2)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:064+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x3f49a)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:131+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x3d669)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:176+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x11f
9a)  [0x7feeb396ff9a]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:220+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ ( event_base_loop                           + 0x751
 )  [0x7feeb397ae61]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:265+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/ (                                           + 0x3e07b)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:309+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /lib/           (                                           + 0x7324)  [0x7feeb4b68324]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:354+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /lib/                 ( clone                                     + 0x6d  )  [0x7feeb3c752fd]

There is some data with datetime that is not managed well by the server and comes from the calendar of my iOS..