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When doing recovery my system won't boot up

Thread needs solution
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This is the first time I use Acronis True Image Worksattion to do a recovery. We have a tib image and I need to restore it to a new machine. I have went through the wizard and after it had completed my machine won't boot up, I didn't make a note of the error but it says something like system boot error. I am not sure if I am doing it right, the destination machine is a windows XP and there only single partition.

Here are the steps:
1. Launched the wizard and selected recovery option
2. Selected Restore Disk or Partition
3. In the Select a partition or hard disk to restore: I got two choices C and MBR with Track 0, I selected C drive
4. In the window where it says please select the restoe partition type I had 3 options:
Primary (grayed out)
I selected Active and started the recocery process were at the end the OS won't boot up.

Did I do a mistake here? Should I selected Logical instead of Active?

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Hello Yassar!

Welcome to our Forum, it's nice to have you with us! I understand your concern, and will be glad to help you.

It looks like you're trying to restore onto the dissimilar hardware without the Acronis Universal Restore add-on. Acronis Universal Restore is a special add-on for corporate versions of Acronis True Image that allows you to restore your images to dissimilar hardware.

I would advise you to refer to these instructions regarding the recovery process with Acronis Universal Restore.

Should you need anything else or have any further questions - feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience, we will be happy to help you!

Thank you!

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Thaks Yana for the quick response. If I select logical option instead of Active would that work? I have Acronis True Image Eco Workstation, which means that I cannot add the Univeral Add-on unless I upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, in my case it's not feasible option. Are there other options that I can restore the image or at least recover the data?

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Dear Yassar,

You're more than welcome, it's my pleasure.

Unfortunately switching the drive from active to logical won't help. Mainly because the machine doesn't boot due to the lack of drives for the new hardware. Please also note that only Active drive is recognized as bootable. You can find the differences between the Active and Logical drives in this article.

Unfortunately there's no other option available: Windows cannot boot as it has no drivers for the new hardware and cannot properly detect the drive. Unfortunately without Acronis Universal Restore you won't be able to restore the machine and make it bootable.

There's no need to upgrade to corporate version of Acronis Software, but should you decide to purchase Acronis Universal Restore, you will have to upgrade to Acronis Backup and Recovery Workstation, as Acronis True Image Echo and its add-ons are no longer available for purchase. 

Unfortunately that's the only option we can offer you alongside with the discount link to the upgrade.

Please also note that according to the Acronis License Policy you will need one license for one computer your are going to backup or restore.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with, I'll be glad to.

Thank you for understanding. 

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something like system boot error.

Exact error message and when it occurs, please. Does it allow you to press F8 for boot menu before the error occurs? (If no, universla restore will not help) May be you need to restore MBR too.

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I had the same problem when I restored an image to an older HP computer. On boot I'd get a message like "disk read error" or just a flashing cursor. I moved the hard drive to a newer computer and it booted fine. I tried Microsoft's fix boot and fix mbr, nothing worked.

The solution I discovered works for XP, I have not tried it for Windows 7 & 8:

1. Put the hard drive in the target computer.
2. Do a partial install of Windows XP
a. Boot from an XP install disk
b. Delete all partitions
c. Format the drive
d. Windows will copy a bunch of files to the drive showing 1%, 2%... 100%
e. Windows will say "Rebooting in 15 seconds..."
f. Turn off the computer as it is rebooting. (if the computer reboots and continues the install, just remove the CD and close at the error prompt)
3. Restore the Acronis image to the hard drive where you did the partial XP install

The restored image will now boot properly on that drive.