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Thread needs solution
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- I recently obtained a trial license to evaluate ASD5 for our company.

- I have been using ASD5 Web Help to figure it out for a few hours now. (…)

- I have found, however, that the content is extremely vague and the links that ostensibly lead to more detail typically lead to even more vague information and I find myself going in circles.

- Does anybody know where to find step-by-step instructions for ASD5?

- I have managed to create an offline deployment with a master image from one computer to a second computer using a bootable USB drive and an image stored on a USB SSD. This, of course, can also be done with True Image.

- Now I am trying to figure out how to make my workstation the ASD5 server and how to add an image to it, but when I try to "upload" (the file is on the aforementioned USB SSD that is now plugged into my computer and I wonder if I am supposed to do it another way since copying a file to a machine from an external drive is not uploading, it is copying) a PE image to PXE in the management console, but cannot because the file is a .tib and only .wim files are accepted. Fair enough, but I cannot find any help on creating a .wim file or converting a .tib to a .wim file. The above website takes me in circles.

- I assume I am only reading an intentionally vague set of pages that is intended to familiarize potential customers before they begin a trial. Also fair enough, but now that you've got us to actually try the software, we must have access to useful instructions or we'll have no idea how to use it. As it is, I feel like I am wasting time trying to figure out things that I shouldn't have to.

Thank you

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I realize this thread is a bit old but think it is deserving of a response.

I am no expert on Snap Deploy however, the question raised here I do not believe is necessarily Snap Deploy specific.

In order to create a WIM file for upload to a PXE server which is the question here, the only way that I know of doing that is by using DISM tools.  Once you have deployed a Master image to a physical machine it would then be possible using DISM to Capture the image, create a WIM file of the image and upload that file to the PXE server.

There may be another way but if there is I have never heard of it.

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Hello Matt,

you may want checking out the video tutorials we have here for Acronis Snap Deploy 5…