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Virus Scanner very slow

Thread needs solution
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Does anyone else have the problem of the virus scanner taking multiple days to finish a full scan? Slowest AV I've ever used. Is there an update coming to the engine for Macs? Also I noticed the Self Signed Keys will create issues with Macs going forward are there any fixes in the works for this?

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Hello Roy,

sorry to know about the issue! Please open a support ticket for investigation, so that our engineers can collect the diagnostic information from your system and find the root cause for the slowness. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the issue is fixed in a new update.

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I have the same problem, but with another antivirus. I have updated my macOS to BigSur, and got Safari persistently set to open Yahoo page on startup. My default AV is very slow and does nothing to fix the bug.

 I wonder that Yahoo itself is a too big a fish to do such a straightforward scam, so I have learned there is kind of a chain of intermediate redirects behind , (see Malicious apps redirecting to Yahoo). But I do not see yet what kind of malware would cause the redirect, it started to occur, again, as I have upgraded my macOS to Big Sur.

Shall I try Acronis AV to remove the redirect for good? I would love to hear real user's experiences and promise to drop some screenshots if I try Acronis...