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21.03 : is antivirus really active in the free integrated features ?

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I'm a bit disappointed by the new free integrated features (21.03).

I have attended the last Cyber Protect Cloud webinar about licensing and what I learned is that there are free integrated features in version 21.03 with the latest agent 15.0.26692. Antivirus with Cloud signatures, basic management, vulnerabilities scan should be available when the agent is installed and registered and all of this for free.

So I tried this with one of my customers, its license is now "per workload" with no advanced features. I set up the number of workloads : 1 server, 1 workstation and backup quota for these. For these workloads it works perfectly because a plan with backup is set up : the agent says a plan is applied and the machine is protected.

Beside these billable workloads, I have 6 workstations which need antivirus and basic management only. As said in the webinar : just install and register and you got it (the integrated features). But in my case it does not work ! The management portal says that these workload are in the "Workstation (with integrated features)" workloads so that's a good thing. But on the machines the agent says "plan is not applied", apply a default plan now, the machine is not protected. The end user always clicks on "apply a default plan" which configures a backup plan and switch the machine to a billable Workstation service quota... When checking what antivirus is active on these machines it's not Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud but Windows Defender.

In addition, when applying a plan with antimalware enabled but backup disabled, the agent says again "no plan applied"...

My question is then how to activate the free antivirus solution for the workstations which do not need backup ? How to make the agent say to the final user that the machine is protected ?

Thanks for your answers.



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Hi Sebastien, 

Please open a case with our support so we can check this and investigate further.

Thank you for your time. 

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"plan is not applied" tells you the truth. You can scan manually and this is free. In the moment you want it protected as a service you have to pay for it.