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No Restore Capability But Lots of Backups

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I backup twice a day, on 2 different locations, 1) a Network Attached Storage 2) a Local USB drive.

All successful backups for months and months of backup.  Now, finally I need to restore a file from my totally safe redundant storage and guess fail.

The network storage says the network is not connected, when I can continue to backup.

The USB storage does not show a restore feature.

I did a repair to Acronis 2017 but still have the identical problems.

Any help of what do to get Acronis working to restore?

thank you




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Robin, see KB 59115: Acronis True Image 2017: How to Restore Files (Windows) - covers both methods of recovering files using the ATI GUI and lower down, covers using Explorer.  Using Explorer is the easiest method to use if you only want to recover some files or folders.